My Projects and Works


SMARTS (Scalable Multi-Agent RL Training School) is a simulation platform for reinforcement learning and multi-agent research on autonomous driving. Its focus is on realistic and diverse interactions.

GitHub - huawei-noah/SMARTS: Scalable Multi-Agent RL Training School for Autonomous Driving

4. Into the DPRK

I went to North Korea in May 2015. I took a lot of videos and then clipped them together.

YouTube - Into the DPRK


‘Across the Great Wall we can reach every corner in the world.’

But now we have to across the Great Fire Wall so we can reach every corner in the world.

Note: TBD

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2. 「人在北理」

Tornado + Bootstrap + MySQL, 搭建在新浪 SAE 平台。


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1. 「人在北理」微信公众平台


基于 Django,部署在新浪 SAE 平台,使用了一些免费的 API 接口。

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